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Bistronomique Cruise : Bistronomique Diner

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Pont Alexandre III, 75007 Paris


8:30 p.m.h


9:15 p.m.h

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59 €

An exceptional cruise


The historic paris cruise

The meeting point is on the banks of the River Seine at the foot of Alexander III Bridge. The captain will be there to welcome you in front of the bridge deck, all that is left to do is to show your boarding pass and embark on a ‘chic’ culinary cruise. You will start by passing under the majestic Alexander III Bridge, and then you will sail along the River Seine towards the islands while savouring a tasting plate composed of 3 courses reminiscent of the traditional cuisine of Parisians bistros. You will glide down the river and reach the islands located in the historical heart of Paris where you will be able to admire the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. As you leave the islands on your right, you will pass the open-air amphitheatres where dancing lovers like to come and gather. Once the boat turns around, you will pass under the lovers’ bridge, the Pont Marie, beneath which it is an old tradition to kiss your partner and make a wish.

Cuisine and Service

On board the service continues, the Maîtres d’Hôtel are in full swing to satisfy you and guide you on this culinary journey. Now you arrive in the historical part of Paris, you will pass in front of the Paris City Hall, the Pont Neuf with its carved faces on facades, the Grand Palais, the Louvre Museum, to slowly arrive towards the Statue of Liberty where the Captain will give you time to immortalize this moment by making a complete turn of the boat on itself. It’s time for you to taste the sweet treats that will delight young and old alike.

The Eiffel Tower

Now you are sailing again and it’s time to prepare your cameras, you are now heading towards the Iron Lady… The so prestigious and marvellous Eiffel Tower.
After this unforgettable moment, you will slowly sail towards your disembarkation quay, leaving by the Orsay Museum on your right. Once the boat is moored at its home port, the Captain will invite you to disembark so that you can continue on enjoying your afternoon.

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Bistronomique Menu

Vegetarian Menu

Children Menu


Verrine of marinated vegetables, avocado cream and butterfly prawn
Blok of duck foie gras, spicy fig chutney
Crispy Sucrine, olive oil and white balsamic vinegar, parmesan shavings


Main course

Chicken Supreme, new potatoes, pan-fried vegetables
Salmon steak marinated in lemon thyme, risotto with green asparagus and candied tomatoes
Snacked beef steak, Gratin Dauphinois, crunchy vegetables, rosemary flavoured sauce (+ € 7 supplement)


Cheese (+ € 6 supplement)

Brie de Meaux - Chèvre Sainte Maure - Comté fruité



Fresh mint verrine with raspberry coulis and whipped cream
Chocolate velvet entremet
Vanilla cream puffs, roasted apricot

Included Options


The course

Alexander III Bridge

Considered the most beautiful in Paris, the Alexander III Bridge commemorates the Franco-Russian alliance in the 19th century.

Orsay Museum

The Marina de Paris pier is located at the foot of the Museum. A former railway station built in 1900; the museum is dedicated to 19th century artworks.

Institut de France

The Palace was created in 1661 by Cardinal Mazarin. Napoleon decided to install the Institut de France in 1805 which houses 5 academies.

François-Mitterrand National Library

The Grande library was built in 1995 on the initiative of President François Mitterrand. The four towers symbolise four open books.

Hôtel de Ville in Paris

Elegant and majestic, the Hôtel de Ville has a neo-renaissance style. It was burnt by the Paris Commune in 1871.

Notre dame de Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral is the Gothic jewel of Paris. Its construction started in 1163 and lasted more than two centuries. It has an impressive façade with its two towers.

The Conciergerie

The Conciergerie is a former court house and prison in Paris, France.

The Louvre

The Louvre museum is the largest art museum in the world. The Louvre construction is part of the history in Paris. It spans over 800 years.

Place de la Concorde

The former Place Louis XV was built in the 18th century and the Louxor Obelisks was erected in 1836, at the center of the Place de la Concorde. It is 33 centuries old.

Grand Palais

The Petit and Grand Palais were built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900. The Grand Palais combines two architectural styles, the neo-classical stone facades and a huge steel and glass roof.

Place du Trocadéro

It is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, on Chaillot hill, between the Place du Trocadéro and its gardens.

Statue of Liberty

On the southern end of the Ile aux Cygnes, a quarter scale replica Bartholdi’s statue «Liberty Enlightening the world » was installed in 1885. It was donated by the American community in Paris.

Eiffel Tower

Every evening, the Eiffel Tower lights up as night falls. On the hour, every hour the tower sparkles for 5 minutes offering a magical spectacle.

Hôtel des Invalides

The Hôtel des Invalides is a Parisian monument; it is located in the 7th arrondissement. The construction was ordered by Louis XIV on February 24th in 1670 to welcome invalids of his armies.

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